Accelerate data processing for space operations

ARC uses machine learning (ML) to process large volumes of photometric and astrometric data to generate actionable insights that improve mission outcomes.

Human analysts are overwhelmed by large volumes of unprocessed data

Space is more congested and contested than ever before. The number of resident space objects (RSOs) and the volume of raw optical sensor data is increasing exponentially. Meanwhile, our ability to process all of this data is falling behind.

Processing speed is essential to decision-making

When mission operators can't keep up with the volume of data coming in, they don't get the insights they need to make informed decisions. Relying on an outdated approach to data processing puts missions at risk, as decision-making falls behind the speed of relevance.

ARC is an analytics toolbox that processes large volumes of data quickly with machine learning

ARC processes large volumes of data and surfaces high priority insights to human analysts. Through applied machine learning, ARC can surface insights from existing datasets that may otherwise go undetected.

What you can do with ARC

ARC's algorithms detect patterns in data and behavior that can be used to classify objects or alert human analysts to suspicious maneuvers.

Classify Objects

ARC accurately characterizes RSOs as active payloads, inactive payloads, or debris

Detect Anomalies

Algorithms can detect behavior outside the Pattern of Life for high priority objects

Respond to Alerts

ARC surfaces key insights via alerts, so that operators can prioritize downstream operations

Customize your ARC package to your needs

Unlike closed protocol alternatives, the ARC software suite can be configured for your use case and integrated with existing systems. We believe in flexibility, not vendor lock.

A la carte capabilities

ARC provides individual capabilities to fit into existing SDA processing pipelines​

Pair it with other tools

You can pair ARC with the other tools you use via our Familiar API

Bring your own data

Compatible with government and commercial data streams​

Join the mission

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