Inspect and resolve anomalies on demand

SHIELD is an upgrade that allows satellite operators to deploy scouting units to inspect potential threats at close range

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How it works

Base station

The SHIELD base station can be installed on any satellite -- even unprepared satellites. The base station is designed for in-space servicing and compatible with multiple robotic servicers.

Scouting units

When SHIELD detects an anomaly, the satellite operator can deploy a scouting unit from the base station. The independently operated scout can gather intelligence at close range, providing better resolution.

What you can do with SHIELD

Gather Intelligence

Inspect at close range and capture images of your satellite or nearby objects

Defensive Space Operations

Maneuver and position scouts to identify, characterize, and deter threats

Tactically Responsive

Rapid transit within the GEO belt to perform close-proximity inspection of resident space objects

Fast and flexible deployment

With tactically responsive operations becoming the standard, how you deploy an upgrade is just as important as how you build it. That's why we've optimized both our technology and our business model to provide fast, flexible access to upgrades across different orbits.

Pre Launch Installation

Katalyst upgrades can be installed on high value assets (HVA) before they are launched.

Post Launch Retrofits

Katalyst upgrades can be installed in space by multiple robotic servicers

Staged on Orbit Transfer Vehicle

Access Katalyst upgrades when you need them via pre-positioned units on-orbit

Attachment systems for upgrading unprepared satellites

Should manufacturers prepare satellites for attachments first? Or should they wait for prepared interfaces? Unfortunately, this chicken or the egg question has slowed down technology adoption in space. But with Katalyst's retrofit attachment system, even unprepared satellites can become a platform for upgrades.

Structural Clamping System (2025)
  • Utilizes Katalyst Client Attachment System for attaching to unprepared spacecraft
  • Compatible with spacecraft launch adapter rings
  • Compatible with multiple robotic servicers for on-orbit installation
Cooperative Attachment System (In Development)
  • Future prepared interfaces on host vehicles
  • Power, data, communications sharing with upgrades
  • Increased performance and ease of integration

The future of upgrades in space

By 2028, Katalyst will offer a network of distributed and autonomous spacecraft modules that will be fully reconfigurable across LEO, GEO, and Lunar domains.


Retrofit Unprepared Satellites


Plug and Play Compatible Retrofits


Self Installing (Autonomous Last Mile Delivery)

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