Eliminate blindspots in space

ICON networks together previously disconnected space domain awareness (SDA) sensors and data, eliminating coverage gaps and reducing vulnerabilities.

Today's SDA infrastructure is vulnerable

Centralized SDA infrastructure relies on a small number of fixed assets. This leaves blindspots - or gaps in coverage - in space. Because these blindspots are predictable, they can easily be exploited by adversaries to perform covert maneuvers.

Small blindspots can have big consequences

Losing track of a target object - even temporarily - is dangerous. Space is vast, chaotic and full of exclusion zones. Models show that a change in trajectory can place an object up to 2,000km away from its predicted location within hours.  One gap in SDA coverage could lead to an irreversible loss of custody.

ICON creates a network of decentralized observers that closes coverage gaps

ICON augments centralized SDA plans by accessing data from commercial satellites that would otherwise be underutilized. With more vehicles acting as observers, you increase observation geometries and eliminate blindspots.

How it works

ICON's software connects data from previously disconnected sources, and processes that data in space. ICON not only reduces the odds of losing an object in a blindspot, it also coordinates maneuvers and handoffs, creating a more resilient SDA network.

Standardized Interfaces

Any vehicle or constellation with an SDA payload can connect to the network and become an observe

Dynamic Custody Handoffs

ICON's software consolidates observations and autonomously coordinates custody hand-offs

Cislunar Algorithms

ICON's advanced algorithms enable object tracking in an increasingly chaotic cislunar domain​

The ICON network expands through revenue sharing

Through ICON, Katalyst has created a data marketplace. Commercial satellite operators can unlock a new revenue stream through data sharing, while governments benefit from enhanced SDA coverage.

For Governments

Close coverage gaps and reduce vulnerabilities by accessing previously underutilized SDA data.

For Businesses

Monetize existing fixed assets in new ways. Even unprepared satellites can be upgraded to connect with ICON.

Vehicles with or without SDA can become ICON observers

Unlike closed protocol alternatives, ICON allows satellites with pre-existing hardware to join the network as observers via a software only upgrade. 

Hosted Hardware Payload

For hosts without SDA, we provide a sensor, processing, and communications for bolt-on network integration

Hosted Digital Payload

Host vehicles with existing sensors can be upgraded with a software package for network integration​

The future of upgrades in space


Retrofit Unprepared Satellites


Plug and Play Compatible Retrofits


Self Installing (Autonomous Last Mile Delivery)

Join the mission

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